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office desk lock key smade locks opened     Lets face it certainly not all work desk locks are generally the same.You have workplace desk locks and also desks for your home that have keys to them, Their are actually 100s of various kinds of Desk locks. When you wish to keep things safe or perhaps out of touch you lock the items in your desk.
Often times clients will misplace a desk lock key in a workplace or home relocation if this occurs we can simply come out and make the key to the desk lock on the spot. In the case that you have locked your desk and lost the key we would need to open the lock and after that make a key.
Our firm also get calls from consumers that have broken the desk lock key in the lock itself and now its stuck. Don't stress we have the tools as well as ability to take out the damaged key and make a brand new one for you.

Desk Lock Replacement - Opening - Keys Made In

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